[rescue] Dismantling of a Laptop

John Ruschmeyer jruschme at gmail.com
Tue May 31 09:44:54 CDT 2011

As has already been said, Googling for " eMachine G640G service manual" is
probably your best bet.

Acer/Gateway/eMachines is not the greatest company for putting service
information online. You may, however, luck into a link from a third-party
who obtained the manual and is offering it online (sometimes for a price).

Lastly, you may want to do some research and see if there are other models
which share the same "chassis". It is common for eMachine and Gateway
laptops to be the same basic unit, but have different model numbers based on
configuration, software load, etc.


On 5/31/11 9:38 AM, "Valentin" <vecu.bosseur at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have an eMachine G640G laptop purchased in France 9 monthes ago.
> I would like to know more about the dismantling process so that I can do
> maintenance myself (especially cleaning, HDD upgrade), and so, I need a
> complete
> diagram showing how all the parts of the laptop are put together, and which
> screws I have to remove.
> Can you tell me where I can get that diagram from?

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