[rescue] Octane & O2

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Sat May 21 15:22:13 CDT 2011

OK guys sorry for the delay...

SMOKE 5.1.2
(2) 250 mhz IP30 procs, R10000 Rev. 3.4; R10010  FPC Rev 0.0
XBow ASIC Rev. 1.3
Integral SCSI controller
Disk drive unit
Tape drive DAT
1 SCSI QC 104db
5  SCSI QC 104db
3 Fibre Channel AIG-1160 Rev. 2
4  Fibre Channel AIG-1160 Rev. 2
2 Serial port
1 Parallel port
Graphics board EMX1
Fast Ethernet
IRIX Audio Rad Rev. 12.0
Digital video unit Rev. 5.2
TMI Rev. 2
ASC Rev. 1

SGI Ver. 6.5 IDE
System IP32
250 mhz R10000 w/FPU
Mem 256 MB
Graphics CRM Rev C
Audio A3 ver. 1

Both of these machines have Silicon Graphics spelled out and the logo.

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