[rescue] Hardware up FT/FS

Bob rjtoegel at verizon.net
Thu May 19 05:22:13 CDT 2011

May 18, 2011 09:51:56 PM, rescue at sunhelp.org wrote:

  Originally the MDD G4 Mac was noisy, then Apple offered a fan and
  power supply
  swap program that made it much quieter. The program was optional, so
  if an
  MDD owner didn't take advantage of it, an MDD Mac could still have
  original noisy fans/power supply. Here are the details:

  Power Mac G4 Power Supply Exchange Program Announcement
  The Power Mac G4 Power Supply Exchange Program offers owners of Power
  Mac G4
  (Mirrored Drive Doors) computers the option of reducing the operating
  level of their computers by exchanging their original power supplies
  system fans for new, quieter versions. Participation in the Power
  Exchange Program is optional.
  The Power Supply Exchange Program kit is available at no charge, with
  shipping and handling fee of US$19.95 or equivalent local currency.
  The kit
  contains the following items:
  - Power supply (360 W)
  - System fan
  - Allen key (2.5 mm)
  - Installation instructions (in various languages)
  This program begins on February 21, 2003 and ends June 30, 2003.

  Nothing like missing that program by eight years :-)


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