[rescue] Stuff FS/FT

Jonathan J. M. Katz jon at jonworld.com
Wed Mar 30 19:57:22 CDT 2011

Hey everyone!

I've re-arranged my network, so I have a few things available for
sale/trade, etc.

1) Fry's RTR-300. This is a dLink clone that I've flashed and it runs
DDWRT now. It's a WAP w/ 4 x 10/100 ethernet ports and a "WAN"
ethernet port that goes into your DSL or Cable Modem

2) Motorola SBG-900 cable modem. This is a nifty device in that it's a
DOCSIS 2.X cable modem but also does NAT and has an integrated WAP.

3) HP DL 580. This is a G2, 32bit system, but it is Pentium
4/Xeon-based. I think it has 2G of RAM and 4x 3.2Ghz CPUs, each with
hyperthreading. It's heavy, so shipping won't be the most feasible. It
has the internal RAID controller and 4x 36G disks. This has no NICs on
the MB except for the ILO. It has a dual gigabit NIC in one of the PCI
slots. I also have the OOB PCI card for this that has its own console,
PowerPC chip, etc. I had to remove it because it kept the system from
booting and being useful. It has no rails.

4) A pair of Opteron 270 (Socket 940) CPUs. I just bought them new,
but I don't need them, since the 280s that I thought were bad tested
good. I have $40 invested. I could sell the 280s and keep the 270s,

5) Matrox Millenium AGP graphics card with dual VGA out

6) PCI ATI Rage 64?/128? which I believe has SUNW firmware for
Ultra5/10/30s, etc.

7) Cobalt Qube. It requires some reassembly. I think I have extra RAM
for it, too, so it can go to 512M (PC133.) This comes with an external
SCSI drive to reload the OS, etc.

Best offer + shipping for all items; shipping from 46219.

I'm looking for...

* Sparc 20 CPU modules; hopefully one of the nice Ross models. I have
a 150Mhz in my SS20 now, but I need another CPU or 3 to make it...
useful. Even two dual SM61 or SM81 modules would be nice... so I'd
have a Ross module to trade, too, depending on what's available.
* UltraSparc2 PROM/Battery.
* UltraSparc2 CPUs that are 300Mhz or better.
* DDR400/PC3200 RAM. A pair of sticks, any size, to help beef up my
Socket 939 "game" system.
* PCI-E Graphics Card
* A "dumb" 8-port 10/100/1000 switch.

Jonathan Katz, Indianapolis, IN.

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