[rescue] Thin Client for garage

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Wed Mar 30 09:58:39 CDT 2011

On 03/30/11 07:57, Barry Callahan wrote:
> How noxious was getting the SunRay server software setup?

the server software, SRSS, is pretty easy to get going.  Run the
install, then minimally, 6-12 commands to get things going.

> I've been told that you can't just netboot them -- that they MUST talk
> to the SunRay server before they'll come up.

unlike some of these things you see floating around running windows and
calling themselves thin clients, these are *true* thin clients. There is
literally nothing to them, other than a nic that can dhcp an address, a
frame buffer, some usb components, and a couple of other things.

Nothing actually runs on the thin client.  Everything you run is running
on the server.  Only the display/graphics are sent back over the network
to your thin client.

> And are you using a solaris or linux box for the server?

I use Solaris or one of the Solaris distro's.  I do know that it (SRSS)
runs on linux, but if you spend any time following the mailing list,
linux is where most of the problems are.  Solaris just seems work.

But......even if you run your SRSS server on *Solaris, there are still
other options if you have non technical people in your house.  There is
a configuration called kiosk mode which will allow you present a limited
number of applications of your choosing.

There are options to bring up other desktops on your SunRay (i.e. Mac OS
X or windows), but that is in addition to your SRSS box.  I have not
worked with this, and I don't have any practical experience to share here.


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