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James C james at frantech.ca
Tue Mar 29 16:54:21 CDT 2011

On 03/29/2011 02:44 PM, Robert Novak wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 2:36 PM, Steve Sandau<ssandau at gwi.net>  wrote:
>>>> I9d like to have some kind of thin client in the garage that I can use with
>>>> a cheap LCD and external keyboard/mouse to facilitate getting stuff from
>>>> the web when I9m in the middle of something vs. having to run back into the
>>>> house and review or print stuff out, etc.
>> I have a thin client from disklessworkstations.com that has no moving parts.
>> It cost me about $100 new. I usually use it with LTSP booted from a quad
>> core Xeon box, but I have also booted it from an SD card since it has a slot
>> for one. I suppose most USB-bootable Linux distros would work too.
> I've seen a fair number of Neoware Eon machines on eBay and in local
> stores (I have a couple, dunno condition or even location).
> 300mhz Geode processor, slow memory and disk-on-chip or ide or cf or
> ssd of some sort... I think they have a shared isa/pci slot, and some
> even have analog audio/video out. Could be very quiet and low (15W?)
> power. Standard VGA out, ps/2 keyboard and mouse plus a USB port or
> two I think. Mine came out of local apparel shops as POS systems.
> These were originally (I think) WinCE or Citrix clients, but there's a
> lot out there on running Linux/BSD on them. You can even buy
> pre-loaded m0n0wall Eons for $50ish on eBay.
> Rob
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I setup an LTSP network for a local business, and found a set of very 
nice thin clients on eBay - 4 for $100. They had 1GHz VIA CPUs and IDE I 
think, but no drive. I don't remember the model offhand, and searching 
eBay right now only shows various HP and Wyse models, and nothing for 
that cheap.

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