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Tue Mar 29 11:03:46 CDT 2011

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 10:33:27AM -0500, Jonathan Patschke wrote:
>I'd be cautious going that route.  The PayPal transaction is one-removed
>from the credit card transaction.  PayPal honored your request to send
>funds to someone, so you may find yourself with shaky justification for
>that disputed charge.

PayPal has all sorts of rules and regulations, and if you don't get what you
paid for, they will investigate and possibly reverse the charges. 

If you bought via eBay, there are additional rules and if you filed a
claim within 45 days of purchase, they will investigate. Failure to
properly pack is one reason they will refund your money.

Fraundulent or inaccurate description is another. 

Note that while you should of used insured shipping, if you didn'tthe
burden is on the SELLER for it arriving without damage. If you did, file
a claim anyway, but they are liable to refuse it as the shipper's
insurance should cover it.

The limit of how much they pay is based on the seller's feedback. If
they have less than 50 positive feedbacks, PayPal will pay back a
maximum of $200. If they have more than 50, PayPal will pay a maximum of

This is done by taking the money out of the seller's PayPal account and
refunding it to you. If you paid by credit card, they reverse the transaction,
if it came from your balance, they add it back in. If they can't take the money
out of the seller's account, there is a procedure, but I have never had to deal
with it.

The one time a seller was removed from eBay before shipping me an item, PayPal 
reversed the transaction on my credit card in a week. The other problems I have
had were all handled by the shipper, either by sending me a replacement order,
refunding my money, or in one case adding replacement items to a future order
at my request. 

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