[rescue] Thin Client for garage

Hatle, Steven J shatle at nfldinet.com
Tue Mar 29 08:44:36 CDT 2011


When we built our new garage last fall, I ran some CAT5e out there to
facilitate data connectivity back to the house.

Now that spring is (hopefully!) coming, it9s time to get ready for working
on the MGB and the bikes.

I9d like to have some kind of thin client in the garage that I can use with
a cheap LCD and external keyboard/mouse to facilitate getting stuff from the
web when I9m in the middle of something vs. having to run back into the
house and review or print stuff out, etc.

I9ve not taken a lot of time to research what9s out there, but basically
what I need is a box with enough smarts to run either a decent, embedded
browser on its own, or be able to VNC/RDP back to a machine in the house to
do the same.

I know I could bring an old laptop out there, but due to environmental
concerns (hot summers/cold winters) I think something with no moving parts
might be better, but I could be wrong.

So- if anyone has suggestions or pointers I9m all ears, or if you have
something suitable for sale let me know off-list.



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