[rescue] OT - Audio rescue? - Anyone have a Turntable they no longer use?

Christopher Purdy escher2 at chartermi.net
Mon Mar 28 13:34:14 CDT 2011

I'm looking to set my den up as a listening area and would like to
incorporate vinyl into my setup - anyone have a turntable they are
looking to offload cheaply?  I'm primarily looking at vintage Technics
SL-1200 / 1300 etc, or similar setups which have a decent tonearm /
antiskate / speed control I can mod / upgrade as needed.


- Chris

On Topic:
I have been posting over at Nekochan regarding my Origin 300 setup -
anyone here interested?  Specs:

3 Quad 500Mhz R14K modules.
10GB ram
6X73GB Hdd
Router Brick
Power bay (Converted to 110V)
PCI bay (unable to accurately test this bit)
L2 controller - minus power supply (didn't recieve the power supply
when I got the system)

Includes Numalink cables, and two Power bay cables. I also have rack
hardware for the CPU modules.

I run it without the L2 controller and have had no issues - I manually
power up all modules except the master CPU module - I then power that
L1 up via the console.

Looking to get $300 out of it - Paid nearly $700 last year and
*thought* I could resell it after playing with it for a while, which
has turned out to be more difficult thatn anticipated.

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