[rescue] Fully-Ejecting DVD Writer Recommendations?

Michael C. Vergallen mvergall at telenet.be
Wed Mar 23 17:05:30 CDT 2011

On 22/03/11 18:38, Barry Callahan wrote:
> I've got an old robotic CDROM duplicator that I want to update to be 
> able to read & write DVDs.
> I'm replacing the 486 shoebox PC that was the standalone controller 
> with a linux PC.
> I've already written scripts to handle controlling the robot and open 
> & close the drive at appropriate times.
> Unfortunately, I'm having difficulty finding a usable drive. The tray 
> needs to eject far enough that when the robot arm comes down to pick 
> up the disk, it can lift it straight up. Every DVD burner I've got 
> still leaves a couple mm or so of the disk inside the drive. Normally 
> that's not a problem, since people naturally insert and remove disks 
> at somewhat of an angle, but it renders the drive completely unusable 
> for my application.
I Have some cheap drives here that fully eject they are from sony and 
samsung ....

one is the Samsung SH-S222A, Sony AD-7220S, and some Sony AD-5200S, 
Those eject fully so those should work. Think they are all sata versions.


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