[rescue] More Sun & other computer bits

velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 21:41:10 CDT 2011

As before, these are free for postage and buck or two for the geek
slush fund if you can spare it.  I'm in zip 89108 for postage


2x Intel LGA 775 CPU heatsink/fan (both unused)
1x Intel LGA 1156 (i5 Lynnfield) CPU heatsink/fan (unused)

No longer have the camera I used these in:
1x 64MB Lexar Compact Flash, 8x speed
1x 128MB Mr. Flash Compact Flash

5x SBUS blanking plates (4x screw in, 1x clip in)
4x SBUS insertion/removal dealies

2x VGA male to 5 cable (RGB + vertical + horizontal) male BNC
connector Video cable
2x Female DB13W3 to 4cable (RGB + sync) male BNC adapter (1 ~10" long,
1 ~6" long)
4x female to female BNC connectors + t adapter

I used the 1 of each cable above + the BNC barrel connectors to make a
Frankenstein cable for a PC to connect to a 20" Sun monitor. With a
Mac to VGA adapter added (extra mad scientist power) and it works with
pre-DVI Macs, too

1x Sun workstation microphone, unused, still has adhesive pad in bag

The following have been pulled out of boneyard piles at various work
places.  I presume they are all working, but have no way to test them.

1x VGA male to DB13W3 male 2' adapter cable

1x VGA male to DB13W3 female 1' adapter cable

1x Sun optical mouse (no pad) Sun type 5 (3 purple buttons) (untested)

Sun 411 single disk pack w/Seagate Baracuda 15150n 4gb disk
(untested).  Case has a little writing on the back, small amount of
sticker reside on one side corner, and one of the front "hook" tabs is
broken.  Otherwise pretty good shape, w/all 4 feet & pads; no
yellowing of case.

2x 5012613023605 01 rev 51 270-2519-02 rev 01 SM61 60MHz 1Mb Cache
MBUS CPU Modules

1x SBUS hd50 SCSI lsi chip 5011850040493 SCSI Host Adapter,

1x SBUS SCSI/HME0 combo card (new, still sealed) 501273909002 Single
SunFast Ethernet/Fast-Wide Board SunSwift, SPARC Classic, LX/ZX
1x SBUS SCSI/HME0 combo card 5012739127195 Single SunFast
Ethernet/Fast-Wide Board SunSwift, SPARC Classic, LX/ZX

1x 5014127025016 graphics card 100-4025-03 67MHz Clock, Creator
Graphics Frame Buffer, Single Buffered FFB Ultra 1, Ultra 2
1x 5013129012408 graphics card 75MHz Clock, Double Buffered FFB Ultra
2, Enterprise 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000
1x 5012922069100 graphics card TurboGX CG6 Color Graphics Board SPARC

No "501-" numbers on either of the following two FDDI cards, appears
to be Cisco CDDI/FDDI adapter per google & model numbers:
1x SBUS fddi card 73-1635-01 rev ao (no transceiver module) model: wa-c301ta
1x SBUS fddi 73-1279-04 rev a0 (w/transceiver) model: c301t

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