[rescue] suggestions on the ultimate Mac OS 9 system?

Mark Benson md.benson at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 02:35:30 CDT 2011

On 16 Mar 2011, at 20:31, Jerry Kemp wrote:

> With the up coming release of Mac OS X 10.7/Lion this summer, and yet
> the loss of another major feature, i.e. the ability to run OS X PPC
> code, has got me to thinking about looking for a long term Mac OS 9 system.

For me it'd probably be a G4 Digital Audio or Quicksilver machine with a 1GHz
Dual module tossed in it. IIRC there were 2 Revisions of Quicksilver and one
didn't run OS 9 (I don't meant the MDD either). Fastest factory machine to
boot OS 9 was a 800 Dual also IIRC but CPU modules can be had... at a price. A
SATA PCI card with 4 internal ports is also handy *if* the driver support is
there for OS 9 - again not cheap but worth it if you want the 'ultimate'
machine. The case will give you 4 hard drive bays so you won't struggle for
finding storage.

For a graphics really any AGP ATi Radeon that had OS 9 support (all Mac cards
up to the 9200 I believe) will be just great - I wouldn't bother with NVIDIA,
they never really got the NVIDIA drivers for OS 9 working nearly as smooth as
the ATi drivers.

Aside from that and about 1-2GB of RAM to compensate for the horrid classic
memory management I can't really think of anything else you'd need for OS 9,
apart from a CD and all the patches to get it up to 9.2.1.

For personal preference I tend to think the only good OS 9 machine is a dead
one, but I know some people have requirements for Classic OS era stuff still.
Considering I found anything OS X flies on most machines from the B&W G3
upwards I think that kinda spec would fly like the wind (in between it
multi-tasking really poorly ^_^).

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