[rescue] suggestions on the ultimate Mac OS 9 system?

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Wed Mar 16 15:31:40 CDT 2011

With the up coming release of Mac OS X 10.7/Lion this summer, and yet
the loss of another major feature, i.e. the ability to run OS X PPC
code, has got me to thinking about looking for a long term Mac OS 9 system.

In my case, I have applications and games that are valuable to me, there
is no direct/upgrade replacement, and the software manufacturer either
will not provide an upgrade to run on current systems, or is out of

I know that the G4 PPC CPU was the last CPU to be able to natively boot
OS 9.  G5 systems could run classic mode only, and only on 10.4.

Originally, I thought I would hunt down a cube system.  Awesome case
design, small and quiet.  That made sense for a couple of days, then my
follow on thoughts were that many of the cube systems had problems, both
aesthetic (i.e. case) and mechanically.

At this point in time, most G4 systems should be 6 years old, or older.
 But, they are pretty cheap to pick up, and are still pretty common.  If
you were looking for a G4 system for OS 9, what system would you acquire.

TIA for any comments,


p.s. - IMO, I already possess the #2 PPC system for running OS X code. A
PowerMac 2*2.7Ghz system.  I consider #1 to be the PowerMac 2*2.7Ghz
dual core system.  I am set for OS X PPC code.  I need an OS 9 fix

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