[rescue] External Drive on a Mac Book Chassis

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Tue Mar 15 17:25:39 CDT 2011

On 03/15/11 18:09, Mr Ian Primus wrote:
> --- On Tue, 3/15/11, William Barnett-Lewis <wlewisiii at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Would the USB 2 bus be fast
>> enough as a
>> system/data disk on this system or am I just kidding
>> myself?
> It will function.
> It's probably going to be slow though. If you used FireWire, it should be fine though. FireWire is much better at sustained transfers than USB is. I actually have used a Mac booted off a FireWire 400 disk - it was fine.
> Laptop hard disks are cheap enough though - just get a 2.5" SATA drive and replace the disk in the laptop, and use the external drive for bulk data storage.

I believe the OP said the onboard controller would not recognize new
internal disks any more.

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