[rescue] 'thin' 3.5" SATA drives

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Fri Mar 11 19:49:53 CST 2011

Thanks for the reply Mark,

I tried to keep my original email brief, as it was turning into a book,
but my chassis has room for about a drive and a half lengthwise.
Meaning, mounted, there will be some overlap, but they won't be on top
of each other.

Also, the thin drive that I have, assuming I had (2), has room for 2 or
3 mm of separation for air flow between the two.

I am assuming that just because Seagate discontinued this thin drive for
2011 doesn't mean that other manufacturers aren't making similar thin
drives.  I unfortunately am not doing well with my search results as my
searches keep turning up laptop drives, hence this email.


On 03/11/11 01:24, Mark Benson wrote:
> Physically they'd fit in a 1U, but IMHO if the space is that limited you might
> be better off using 2.5" disks and spacing them apart. I'd have some
> reservations about heat dissipation in that tight a space with 7200rpm disks.
> Usual caveats apply about running the firmware update on Seagate 2009/2010
> drives too. The details are on Seagate's website and you can check if your
> drive is affected by model number.
> As for a source, well I'd just keep looking around for any computer stores
> with old stock, but hard drives flow like water these days so I'd doubt most
> places have any left, but you never know.
> --
> Mark Benson

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