[rescue] photos from the Living Computer Museum (Seattle, WA)

Michael Thompson michael.99.thompson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 18:54:36 CST 2011

> Richard said ...
>> On a trip to Seattle last week, Rich Alderson was nice enough
>> to show me around the Living Computer Museum's hardware
>> collection.

Very nice. I really need to visit.

The power supplies in photo #6 are actually feroresonant. You can even
see the capacitor that is connected to one of the transformer windings
to help regulate the output voltage. I just replaced a failed one with
a "brand new" 40 year old one in the PDP-8/S that I am reviving.

Picture #27. Very nice KS10. Got one of those at home.
Picture #37. Memorex 677-01 disk. Also used with a Massbus adapter as
a DEC RP06. Got one of those too.

Michael Thompson

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