[rescue] iMac G3 333MHz questions

Dan Duncan danduncan at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 01:50:51 CST 2011

I just picked up an iMac G3 333MHz.  (I'm not a Mac guy since my
precious SE/30 died but I've always wanted one, and it was $15 at a
church thrift store)

It has 288MB (I assume 256 + 32) and OS 9.1 on it.  It seems that some
will take 256 + 256 and others only work with 256 + 128.  If it
doesn't like the 2nd 256MB module does it only show as 128MB or does
it not show at all?  Does anyone have memory to spare?

I'd like to put OS X on it so I can install a modern browser and
probably upgrade the memory.  I have an original box of 10.4 Tiger (a
past thrift store purchase) on DVD which it seems I could install with
Xpostfacto but the drive is a CDROM, not a DVDROM.

Would I be better off tracking down a copy of 10.3 on CD or is there
an easy way to make the DVD readable with a USB DVD-rom or temporarily
connecting the CDROM drive cable to a DVDROM, etc?

I picked up a box of 14 256MB SODIMM modules (system pulls) but it
turns out they are DDR2 200-pin modules if anyone wants them.

Thanks for any info!

Dan Duncan

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