[rescue] rescuing a Sonicwall SOHO/10 (nd firmware)

rescue at hawkmountain.net rescue at hawkmountain.net
Thu Jun 30 16:23:17 CDT 2011

I have this old SOHO/10.  I don't have the passwords/etc (I didn't
even have a power supply, but at least it used a std voltage).

However, Sonicwall doesnot make even this old firmware available
on line w/o a support contract (that I could find).  I think
was the last for this device.

I need the firmware (and whatever special tools are needed to load
it if any (I have not dug that far yet)) in order to clear it out.
What I have found is that erasing the config erases the software
too... so I can't do that....

I know this thing should probably go into the trash, but I'd like
to see if it works and how good/bad it is for a simple purpose
rather than trashing it.... but I sure am not going to pay for
support (even if they'd sell it) on a box this old.

Hoping someone out there has one of these and saved the firmware
images, and may have any special software required to load the
box with the firmware.

Thanks in advance,

-- Curt

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