[rescue] netapp training materials

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Thu Jun 30 12:49:48 CDT 2011

> Just got informed that I'm now the $WORK netapp expert for an
> Evaluation that $WORK is supposed to perform with zero training in a
> short amount of time -

Maybe they've fixed it by now, but when I worked at a place that had a
netapp back a decade or so ago, the biggest issue I had with them was
the lack of a real OS on the netapp - or, at least, if they had one it
was kept very thoroughly hidden.  In notable contrast, I also used an
Auspex in about the same timeframe.  It ran a full OS on the host, and
it made such a difference.  (It was a closed-source OS, but a full
closed-source OS is a lot better than a closed-source non-OS management
console.  It's an interesting question whether it'd be better than an
open-source non-OS, but I've never seen such a product with that.)

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