[rescue] Server lift: rent, borrow, or buy?

Steven Hill sjh at waroffice.net
Mon Jun 27 15:04:10 CDT 2011

On Mon, 27 Jun 2011, William Enestvedt wrote:

>   We tried to think of alternative (pallet jack, engine hoist, floor
> jack, six-foot 2"x4"...) but nothing seems to do this job. Has anyone
> ever come up with a clever alternative?

At my previous place of business, we used lifting widgets of the Edmo 
WP80 persuasion - I realise this is a bit shy of the ton and half you 
want to lift, but I did successfully remove an IBM Bladecenter H using 2 
of these... without breaking it.

They were quite reliable for ordinary servers, and I'd exect they have 
something a bit bigger too....


Steven Hill

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