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Wed Jun 22 15:03:14 CDT 2011

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Cool Thinkpad save.

My own rescue project of late has been an old Powerbook 3400. A
screaming 180mhz of 603e. I upped the memory with a 64mb card to get
it to 80mb, shoehorned a 30gb drive into it, got a 16bit wireless card
working, loaded a some MP3s, some classic games (Wizardry Gold,
Diablo, etc), Appleworks and iCab. It's a good if not exactly little
or lightweight little around town bomber. The most expensive bit was
paying for the drivers for the wireless card.

It's fun browsing the web wirelessly from OS 9.1 :D The looks on
young'uns faces is humorous. I stick to "mobile" versions of sites
where possible and it works ok - certainly better than on my SE/30
where, really, it's only good as proof that it will function.

 Now if I could only find a 128mb RAM card for it that I can afford
(MemoryX still wants $130 for it and that's not worth it for this old
beastie) I'd be a very happy camper. OS 9 holds up better than I
expected - especially with enough RAM ;)
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