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Tue Jun 21 02:05:18 CDT 2011

> On 06/17/11, Bill Bradford<mrbill at mrbill.net>
> wrote:http://www.sunhelp.org/2011/06/17/oracle-solaris-11-drops-support-for-legacy-sun-hardware/ 

I didn't get the original email for some reason, sorry for screwing up the

Oracle seems to be bailing out of RISC altogether. First Itanium and now
this. I wonder if the direction is really to go with one platform
(Intel/AMD x86/64, ewww!) as an attempt to simplify their software
development process and save money. It must be really expensive to have
separate code bases for all this stuff or do the porting every release, or
however they have been doing things until now.

I didn't get from the responses until I read the actual link on Bill's site
that it's not just "legacy" hardware but apparently all UltraSparc? Some of
the UltraSparc stuff was just EOL'd recently. I guess technically that's
legacy, whether the customers think so or not.

I wonder if HP does bring a lawsuit (if they haven't already) if that will
change things and cause Oracle to continue supporting UltraSparc on
Solaris 11. If so that would indicate the problem is Sparc/RISC, and not
just "legacy" platform issues.

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