[rescue] Another junk list

Scott Quinn saquinn624 at aol.com
Mon Jun 20 18:50:26 CDT 2011

Have the following from clean-ups, mail if interested:

IBM RS/6000 memory card, came from a 7012/7030 type system but should work in
others. I might be able to find a set of IBM 16-MB SIMMS to go on it.

IBM RS/6000 POWER2 power card (VRM that sits in a memory card slot and
connects to the POWER2 module via an umbilical). From 7012/7030 type systems,
but may work on others as well

Sun DD-50 to HD-50 SCSI cable. Also a DD-50 to DD-50 cable.

Wyse terminal keyboard. One of the ones with a DIN-10 connector.

VHD-68 to HD68 SCSI cable, right angle on the HD68. The type used with RAID

SGI Personal IRIS skins (plastic bits) Also the interior SCSI cabling for a
TFLU chassis (front-loading hard disk)

SGI Origin 200 2x180MHz Rackmount, somewhere over 128MB RAM, no skins.

Qlogic Fiber 1Gb FC cards, SGI OEM

SGI fiber 1Gb Ethernet cards.

Not free:

DECstation/VAXstation proprietary SCSI (female HD68 connector on the cable for
narrow SCSI) - make offer.

4MB 9-bit 70nS  SIMMS (30-pin), matched sets of 4. $6 for 4, $10 for 8.

SGI Origin PCI shoehorn (PCI XTALK adapters) (put a PCI card in an Origin2000,
can also be modified to run in an Octane) $25

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