[rescue] Various parts for free

Julian C. Dunn lists at aquezada.com
Sun Jun 19 12:02:22 CDT 2011

I'm moving and I have the following parts to give away for the price
of shipping from Toronto, Ontario, postal code M4M 2L3.

== Various SCSI parts ==

* SCSI-3 terminator
* SCSI-2 (female) to SCSI-3 (male) adapter
* Centronics SCSI-1 (50-pin) to DB-25 cable (both ends male)
* Centronics SCSI-1 (50-pin) to SCSI-2 cable (both ends male)
* Qty. 2 Centronics to Centronics SCSI-1 cable
* External SCSI-3 to SCSI-3 cable
* Internal 50-pin SCSI ribbon connector with 7 drive headers (!)
* Qty. 3 External passive Centronics SCSI-1 terminators
* Adaptec AHA-2940AU internal PCI SCSI card, 50 pin internal ribbon
connector, SCSI-2 external connector
* Plextor PlexWriter 16x4x32 internal SCSI CD writer (useful for
booting old Sun systems, just find a case)

== Sun Parts ==

* Sun "Compact 1" mouse (gave away the Sun Type 5 keyboard already)
* Plastic drive sled for Sparcstation 2 (these are hard to find!)
* Original "Mouse Systems Corporation" mouse for Sparc 2 or 5 with
reflective metal mousepad
* Solaris 1.1 CD set (SunOS 4.1.3 w/ OpenWindows 3, plus Sun-4m
"supplement" disc)

== Odds and Sods ==

* 5x AUI-to-10baseT Ethernet transceivers (one with 6" long AUI-to-AUI cable)
* One Cisco console cable (RJ-45 to DB-9)


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