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Jonathan Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Sat Jun 18 01:25:04 CDT 2011

On Fri, 17 Jun 2011, Michael-John Turner wrote:

> Nice system! A quick search revealed that PSUs can be had for ~#60,
> which isn't too bad. For example:
> http://www.codemicro.com/store/product/BP/Hp-a6874a-Refurbished.php
> Tempting, I must admit. Wonder how noisy they are?

Not bad, they're more of a roar than a whine, but they're certainly not
quiet.  I'd put it on par with a Dell desktop under a heavy load.

They're also stupid fast, given when they were released.  According to
Mathematica's benchmarks, the 1.3GHz Itanium2 is about as fast as the Xeon
5150.  I suspect that's core-to-core, not package-to-package, since I
recall being pleasantly surprised comparing them, not floored.

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