[rescue] Rescued Sun servers, now what?!

Bill Green bill at supposedly.org
Wed Jun 15 11:58:15 CDT 2011

 On Wed, 15 Jun 2011 16:50:41 +0000, vintagecoder at aol.com wrote:

> 2. Is there a way to tell how much RAM the boxes have and what clock 
> speed
> CPUs or is it just easier to do when they come up, by issuing some 
> command?

 The OpenFirmware banner will display this information when the machine 

> 3. Is it safe to vacuum the servers periodically with a regular 
> vacuum
> brush or how should they be kept clean? I have a lot of dust where I 
> live.

 Don't do this! Vacuum cleaners can produce a great deal of static 
 charge at the
 attachment end, and you'll likely end up frying something.  Use a can 
 compressed air.
> 4. What serial terminal emulator would you recommend, for those of us 
> that
> don't have real serial consoles? Is minicomm ok? I don't think I have 
> ever
> used a serial terminal emulator, we used to have real consoles.

 I usually just use BSD `tip` but minicom or emacs' terminal mode also 
 work fine.

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