[rescue] KVM-over-ip

Justin Haynes justin at justinhaynes.com
Tue Jun 14 15:50:34 CDT 2011

There is a program whose name I have forgotten, which runs under *NIX,
Windows and MacOS which allows you to connect as many systems as you want

> in a row and as you move your mouse the focus and keyboard slide to the one
> you want.
> http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/

> They are connected to one system and become virtually connected to each
> system as you point to it.
This solves the problem of using one keyboard and mouse with several
*consoles*, but not the problem of using a remote machine with the display

BTW, if you plan to use a Mac as your X server and have clients on remote
> systems, you need to use Xvnc on the clients, and a VNC server on the Mac.
> There has been for many years a conflict between MacOS's X server and
> GNOME, and the latest security release for MacOS's X server removed TCP
> support.
> You can fake it with ssh tunneling, but that adds a lot of overhead.

I wonder though, if:

1. you can tolerate 16bpp
2. you have a fast N network that isn't being used too heavily
3. computing power is adequate to run compression quickly*
4. *latency isn't a *huge* issue.  (if your 3d gaming, then maybe not. :-)
)  Then you can run the msot extreme compression

It might be *bearable* to export the session or use something like TightVNC.

I realize this wasn't really the question..  I'm just wondering if you can
get around the limitations by speeding up the network.

ah, but maybe Geoffrey's point was to have the cable hidden and going into
the next room, and then you control that remote machine remotely with the
display locally attacheed but in the same room..  (Sorry Geoffrey if that's
what you meant, I was just catching up. :-)  )

And I've found that synergy works just fine.


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