[rescue] KVM-over-ip

Andrew Jones andrew at jones.ec
Tue Jun 14 14:57:48 CDT 2011

On 06/14/2011 02:13 PM, Timothy Baldridge wrote:
> This may be a bit OT, but I'm looking for some suggestions for some
> cheaper KVM-over-ip options ($200 range or so).
> [...]
> IIRC this topic came up a few months ago (maybe even a year), but in
> that case the OP ended up going with remote X11 I think. In this case
> I'd like to have a option that works with 3d, win7, etc.

My KVM-over-IP experiences vary from miserable to truly unbearable.  I 
know of nothing on the market that handles the kinds of framerates you 
appear to be looking for.  You're not going to enjoy 3d, if it works at 

Not to mention, at $200, you're not even really *in* the KVM-over-IP 
market.  Try $100-200 per dongle, after buying the base unit!

You could try looking into Black Box Networks DVI range extenders.  You 
can run DVI for hundreds of feet, over either DVI cabling or Cat-5e. 
No, they can't fill every use case, but one of these will beat hell out 
of any kind of KVM-over-IP solution.



The reason all prior posters settled on X11, RDP, or a terminal is that 
the other options are a pain.

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