[rescue] Rescued Sun servers, now what?!

vintagecoder at aol.com vintagecoder at aol.com
Tue Jun 14 14:03:25 CDT 2011

>> Alas, no crossover cable, no connectors, no nothing. Thanks though.
> Even if you don't have any connectors, you can just cut open an Ethernet
> patch cable, clip and swap the green and orange pairs, and you've got a
> crossover cable! Only four wires to swap. One time I was in a real bind
> with no tools and needed one, and was able to do it with nail clippers
> and scotch tape.

Haha you make me laugh. You're a regular MacGuyver! Reminds me of that
scene in Back to the Future where Doc Brown pulls out a burned out
transistor from his time machine and marvels that such a tiny piece of junk
could cause so many problems.

Anyway at this point even that wouldn't work because what I don't have is a
DB9 connector! Anyway I'm going to try one last time to find a local shop
but if you guys have any ideas on good shops that ship overseas please let
me know. Thank you.

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