[rescue] Rescued Sun servers, now what?!

vintagecoder at aol.com vintagecoder at aol.com
Tue Jun 14 13:14:27 CDT 2011

> Cisco serial console cables work fine, and can be bought for under $10 on
> eBay/borrowed from anyone that works with Cisco hardware... 

Thanks, I found that out just now reading the manuals at Sun Shack. That
should help a lot, since the price for the Sun cable on the net is 79 bucks
(at least one place I found) and the Cisco cable is 8.

Looks like the serial cable is going to be the way to go after all because
of what Steve said and what I found in the manual- the servers I have
default to no ethernet management. I have an email into my buddy to find
out but in the meantime I need to find a reliable shop that ships overseas.
If you guys have any you can personally recommend, please let me know.

> Also, Radio Shack likely carries what you need, but at a price premium...

No Radio Shacks anywhere to be found here!


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