[rescue] blade 100 - sun pci needs and excess

awouk at shelly.nilenet.net awouk at shelly.nilenet.net
Tue Jun 14 13:12:29 CDT 2011

i recently revived a long dormant blade 100. i had closed it down because the
sunpci board in it was screeching too loud to live near it. thanks to p. duran
[whose email address i lost so i can't thank him otherwise] i got a mint new
one without the fan, and it runs quietly and cool, life near the blade is now
possible. this board is a sunpci II pro with 733mhz celeron cpu.

however, the only os i have which can run on the sunpci is windows 98se.
all copies of later versions of windows are tied to a manufacturer and will
not install.  i increased the ram on the card to 640MB so it could easily 
handle 2000pro, though i don't think any form of xp would work well.  

anyone have an OEM or retail version of windows 2000pro which i could use
to install on this board?

also, anyone have another ram stick greater that 128MB to raise the ram?

i have several spare 128 sticks to give away at this point as well as a
moderately noisy sunpci IIpro card. this is not the screamer i removed.

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