[rescue] Rescued Sun servers, now what?!

vintagecoder at aol.com vintagecoder at aol.com
Tue Jun 14 08:53:06 CDT 2011

Thanks to everyone who helped last time when I ask about how to move these
servers over a month and a half ago. I finally picked up 5 Sun fire boxes
yesterday, 2 440s and 3 210s. Those 440s weigh a ton. I don't believe the
spec sheets or maybe I'm getting too old for this.

The company where a buddy of mine is working was going to dump these boxes
but he convinced them to give them away instead and I was the lucky
recipient. At the last minute they asked him to do some work that took
about a month so I have been waiting for the green light. After that he had
to dd the drives so I don't understand exactly what I will need to do here
to get these back to life. At this point I have clean drives and no ALOM
userid/password. Some of the boxes have labels with an IP address or two
but I have no idea if that is the host IP or ALOM IP. What I would like to
do is assign new hostnames and IP addresses for all the boxes, for my LAN.
I am also missing the physical keys for the 440s (don't think the 210s use
them) but the switch *seems* to be locked in the right position.

How do I know what configuration these boxes are as in how much RAM, what
accessories etc? From looking inside the cases it appears the  210s have 2
CPUs and 2x72GB drives and the 440s have 4 CPUs and 4x36G drives. Other
than that I don't know what I am looking at. I did notice the boxes are
pretty clean inside, almost no dust. Is it safe to vacuum these out? I
don't know what they did but I believe they must have been maintained well.

If the IP addresses on the labels (and not every box has a label) are
wrong, how do I find what these machines are set to? How do I communicate
with the ethernet management port? SSH? Telnet? How do I get the server to
let me in with no ALOM userid or password? I don't know that one is set, or
if there is an option not to set one. My buddy had no idea about this when
I asked him, he is not the one responsible for Sun boxes where he works. Of
course when he was using them there was already an OS installed, so he
didn't have this issue to deal with. About all I know is I am supposed to
say boot -s cdrom if I get to the ALOM prompt. I have a freshly burned
Update 9 for Sparc DVD ready to go...

I would like to set up one of the 440s as a development machine but I'm not
sure how reasonable that is going to be without a video card. Does anybody
use Solaris Studio over an SSH link or is there some better idea? The
drives are so small it doesn't seem like it would make much of a file
server. I will use one or two of the 210s as file servers and maybe move my
news server over there also. Any ideas how you guys are using your boxes
would be welcome.

How much did this stuff sell for new? The used ebay prices are all over the

Thanks and sorry for the long post. I was pretty impressed with the
knowledge and helpfulness on this list and since I am a total newbie to Sun
hardware and no expert on Solaris I figure this is the best place to ask
the people who know.

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