[rescue] FREE Sun Enterprise 3500, Seattle

Dave Fischer dave at cca.org
Mon Jun 13 23:45:54 CDT 2011

ian_primus at yahoo.com writes:

>I run my 12 CPU 4500 regularly. I was using it 24x7 as a home server until I figured out how much it costs in power to run, but I still fire it up frequently. I'd say it's on 1/4 of the time. I plan on working out a way to run it full time again though - if I can save money elsewhere, I can afford to pay the power bill for it to run full time again.

I tend to have a large compute job that will keep the 14 CPUs busy
for a day, about once every other month. 

>I'm still trying to track down another 2 gig RAM kit for it, so I can max out the RAM. I've only got 12 CPUs in there, since I don't have another working CPU board, and I also need that slot to run the PCI I/O module to talk to the fibre channel arrays. I have three A5000's loaded up with 147gig drives. I'd love to find some A5200 arrays, since those hold 22 drives (mine hold 14). 

I have one A5200, it's definitely the nicest array I've ever owned.
Love the LCD touch-panel.

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