[rescue] As long as we're doing free...Minneapolis

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Mon Jun 13 21:41:44 CDT 2011

As long as we're doing free hardware of this vintage, I have the following
looking for good homes:

E450 - I  have to check on config, but at least 2 cpus and memory

Most of the guts of another E450 (mainboard with procs/mem, power supplies)

2 x E250 - set up for racking, but with no rails, each 2x400, one with 1 GB
RAM, one with 2 GB RAM

E4000 - I have to check config, but I think 6 or 8 CPU

E420R - I have to check config, but I believe 2 CPUs and has RAM/Disk

All machines were running within the last couple of years. I can provide
keyboards/mice and maybe a CRT monitor or two if necessary.

I'm keeping my E3500 and E3000 :-)

If someone wanted to give me some Apple gear in trade, that would be cool,
but they're free for the carrying up out of my basement. I'll help :-)

Machines located about 40 minutes south of Minneapolis in Northfield, MN

If you are really up for it, I still have my 16-way Origin 2000 up at my
office in Minneapolis that I'll give to someone who shows up!

This gear will likely show up on local Craigslist later this week if there
are no takers here.


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