[rescue] FREE Sun Enterprise 3500, Seattle

Dave Fischer dave at cca.org
Mon Jun 13 16:13:26 CDT 2011

me at dansikorski.com writes:

>I got excited about using the 3500 24/7 when i measured it's power use 
>at about 250W.  That was with 2x167mhz CPUs on a single system board and 
>missing a power supply or two.  With a more useful configuration of 
>8x336mhz CPUS on 4 system boards, all power supplies present, it jumped 
>up to about 750W.  As much as I would like to use that with some FC 
>near-line drives for a home server, there's just no way i can justify 
>the power and cooling, so it's one that i power up when i want to play, 
>and shut it down when I'm done.

I run a 2x400MHz E3500 24/7, and I have two 14x400MHz E4000's that
get powered on very infrequently.

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