[rescue] VAX door key

Ian King IanK at vulcan.com
Sat Jun 11 13:43:37 CDT 2011

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> crfriend at rcn.com writes:
> >    On Sat, 11 Jun 2011, Dave Fischer wrote:
> >> I think they're talking about the hex key for the cabinet doors, not
> >> the barrel key for the front panel. Pretty sure every 19" rack VAX
> >> cabinet big enough to have a swinging door used the same hex key.
> >    There were two sizes of hex-key used on VAX cabinetry, and I
> >believe the item being considered here, given its description, is the
> >large calibre one that opens the doors to the CPU cabinet.
> >Other cabinets used hex-keys of a smaller calibre and were universal
> >across many cabinet types including the 3'6" roll-around ones.
> You mean the sliding panels on the pedestal 4000's?

Sliding door?  My VAX 4000-300 has a swinging "dutch" (two-piece) door that is
unlocked with a plastic barrel key.  The power switch is a rocker on the PS.
I've seen other 4000 pedestals that use the same scheme.

The VAX-11/780(5)s and 8700 that we have at the Living Computer Museum use the
big hex key to lock the cabinet doors, as does the VAX 6000-660 in my personal
collection.  For the power switch, the VAX-11s use a metal barrel key, while
the 6000 uses a plastic one just like the one used by the 4000s.  -- Ian

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