[rescue] VAX door key

Ian King IanK at vulcan.com
Fri Jun 10 16:44:42 CDT 2011

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> Hi guys,
> I found a spiffy little trinket in a cabinet in the back of a very old
> server room that hasn't been used in several years.   It's a nickel plated
> metal key (possibly brass inside) with the "digital' logo on one side, and
> part number on the back.   It's not really much more than a hex or Allen
> but it's in the shape of a typical door key.   Searching the part number I
> find this page and several like it:
> http://www.buy.com/prod/dec-12-26339-01-vax-6000-door-
> key/q/loc/101/208962617.html
> Why the steep price?

Because some people are greedy and assume others are stupid.  Yes, it's a
standard hex key.  While they certainly don't make them anymore, that doesn't
mean they are unobtanium or particularly valuable.

Of course, I do have one - for my VAX 6000-660 (in my personal collection, not
LCM, although the LCM's VAX-11s use them, too).  :-)  But I don't see any
reason why anyone would pay more than a nominal amount for one.  Someone's
dreamin'.....  -- Ian

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