[rescue] FWD: PDP11 hardware available in Dayton, MN

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Fri Jun 10 15:06:17 CDT 2011


This is within a couple hours of me, but I don't have a real kink for PDP
gear - though the 11/40 looks cool :-)

However, if you have a big need I'm  willing to act as a go-between for
pickup/shipping for things that don't require freight or a big crane :-)

Bonus - I'm on vacation next week so I would have time to act on this within
the deadline.


On 6/9/11 3:20 PM, "David Griffith" <dgriffi at cs.csubak.edu> wrote:

> Here's something I found in alt.sys.pdp11.  I have no connection to
> Bruce Mitchell.  Would someone please save this stuff from the scrap heap?
> David Griffith
> dgriffi at cs.csubak.edu
> --begin quote--
> Tue, 07 Jun 2011 23:28:15        alt.sys.pdp11             Thread    1 of    1
> Lines 17              PDP11 hardware available for pickup  6 Responses
> Dr. Klahn <xxdpplus at yahoo.com>                      at
> http://groups.google.com
> Newsgroups: alt.sys.pdp11
> Jim Bostwick's computer collection is going for rescue
> or recycling.  The following items are up for grabs:
> 11/44, 11/40, TU80, Pertec rack mount 9 channel tape,
> Fuji J11 board for 11/24, considerable DEC documents,
> RK07 drives and packs, RL01/RL02 drives and packs, Fuji
> Double Eagle SMDs, CDC 9730/160 SMDs, numerous ST506
> drives.  I'm sorry, but I don't have a detailed list of
> everything available.
> Any of the above that anyone wants, they can have free.
> Pick it up or arrange for pickup in Dayton, MN before June
> 20, 2011, the sooner the better.
> Bruce Mitchell
> Editor Emeritus, "The Multi-Tasker"
> Contact me through:  http://www.miim.com/consult.html#conts
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