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der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Jun 8 14:20:36 CDT 2011

>>> I LOVE Usenet and [...]
>> The Sun-Rescue list is a private mailing list, not a newsgroup.  It
>> is therefore not a part of usenet, and I am grateful for that.
> As I said before, I didn't manage (by that time) to get key documents
> about this forum/newsgroup -- rules, precise topic, moderators, ... .

This is neither a newsgroup nor, except in the broadest sense of the
word, a forum.  It is a mailing list.

> However, to the ignorant, a Forum that behaves like Usenet IS USENET,
> whoever is behind.

There are many differences between web forums and Usenet and mailing
lists.  Anything that is presenting this list to you in a way that
makes it look equivalent to Usenet is doing both you and the list (and
possibly Usenet too) a disservice, because they are different, and
different in some rather important ways.  There are differences of
technology, differences of user-visible behaviour they imply, and -
perhaps most important here - differences of culture.

The mailing list culture, to the extent that there is such a thing (and
at least on the lists I hang out on), welcomes newcomers, but welcomes
newcomers who wish to join the culture.  Newcomers who wish to change
the culture, or who try to ignore it or equate it to things it isn't,
or who have no apparent interest in anything but vandalizing it (there
are only a few of those last, but they are very poisonous), get a
rather cold reception.  Fortunately the technology is good enough that
the few who have little to offer but disruption but who won't go away
can mostly be kept out.

> It is not a matter of Sponsor, but a matter of Openness.
> ( I can't stand the pain of suscribing to (very) PRIVATE forums )

andrew@ wrote that this is a private mailing list.  It is - but it's
also an open mailing list.  It is private in that it's privately run
and our listadmin (I think we have just the one) had nobody to tell him
he must, or mustn't, do something (like ban someone from the list, or
set policies such as the acceptability of hardware-for-sale postings).
However, it's open, in that the policy is that, absent reason to do
something unusual, anyone is welcome to join.  (At least that's how I
understand it.  I'm sure our listowner will correct me if I'm wrong.)

Perhaps this list is a good place for you.  Perhaps it isn't.  If you
think it's worth finding out, I'd suggest you subscribe and just read
for a while - "lurk" is the traditional verb - until you've gotten a
feel for what it's like and can make an informed decision as to whether
you'd like to unsub, continue to lurk, or join in more actively.

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