[rescue] Cleaning an Hardware Part

Valentin QUEQUET vecu.bosseur at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 12:35:41 CDT 2011

 <vintagecoder <at> aol.com> writes:

> Valentin, ask on geekhack.org forums. That is the best place for keyboard
> related questions and advice.

Hi VintageCoder,

I'd like 1st to thank you for your answer.

Then, I'd say that :

I LOVE Usenet and I don't like to see information processing & human
communications splitted over hundreds ( or even dozen thousands ) of Forums.

I look suspiciously that phenomenon of conversation sharing/SPLITTING over so
often mercantile companies.

The sole place for FREE knowlegde access and share Is bare_Internet+Usenet.

Besides the fact you were true -- geekhack.org Is the a right place to post and
does not seem to be firm-driven -- I keep acting pro-Usenet, because of less
fragmentation, due to its hierarchical structure.

Yet, I fear information sclattering (and Merchandizing).

I'm thankfull to U

Kind regards,
Valentin QUEQUET

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