[rescue] v240 OS choices

Mark Kahrs mark.kahrs at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 15:54:02 CDT 2011

I hope this won't be flame bait, I just wanted to relate my experience.

I also obtained a relatively cheap v240 off epay.  Unlike the OP, it did not
come with sleds or disks.  Fortunately, both were cheap(ish).

For an OS, I had the following possibilities:

- solaris (with Oracle lack of support in the future, I vetoed this)
- openindiana (sounds great, but UltraSPARC support isn't there)

- netbsd (I run this on other boxes, but doesn't have UltraSPARC support)
- openbsd (I run this on my web server, works wonderfully, but no ZFS)
- freebsd (A possibility, has ZFS, fairly different from both netbsd and

For the time being, I went with openbsd --- mostly because I already have
one machine running it (it's been up for months).

My plan is to leave the 240 powered down except for one day a week (it's
mission in life is the backup system).    It's a noisy power hungry thing
and I'd just as soon not inflate my electric bill any more than necessary.

In the winter, however, I think I will investigate the use of the 240 as a
room heater.  Seriously.


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