[rescue] Problem with slot 0 in E4000

Dave Fischer dave at cca.org
Thu Jul 28 02:03:44 CDT 2011

michael.99.thompson at gmail.com writes:

>I have an E4000 that used to be an E4500. I replaced the E4500
>assembly above slot 0 that used to have connections to a cabinet
>mounted on/off switch and SCSI connectors with an E4000 assembly that
>contains a keyswitch and CDROM. If I put just one CPU board in slot 2
>it works OK. If I put the same CPU board in slot 0, CPU 1 has a JTAG
>problem. I have tried several CPUs and they all behave the same.

E5000 -> E4000 that is.

>Bad backplane?

I have a spare backplane if you'd like to try. The whole thing 
disassembles easier than one would expect.

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