[rescue] FreeBSD and ZFS, was Re: 3ware raid

Phil Stracchino alaric at metrocast.net
Wed Jul 27 15:57:01 CDT 2011

On 07/27/11 16:43, Zachary Giles wrote:
> Yeah, ZFS with drives using 3ware controllers. Do note, I'm not doing
> it the "dumb" way where I make a raid and then ZFS on top of that. The
> 3ware controllers have JBOD mode that turns all the "hardware" raid
> off.

Except that 3Ware JBOD mode is not *PRECISELY* JBOD.  It's closer to "a
bunch of whole-single-disk logical volumes".

Whether the distinction matters to ZFS, I don't know.

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