[rescue] OpenGenera (Was: More items for sale)

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Mon Jul 25 18:18:44 CDT 2011

On Sun, Jul 24, 2011 at 08:30:43PM +0200, Andrew Gaylard wrote:
> I'm also interested in taking OpenGenera for a spin.
> Does anyone know how to obtain it?

Contact me off-list.


> (Wikipedia suggests there's a free version of an older release...)

There is no legally freely available version.  However, the guy who
owned the IP rights passed away a couple of years ago, and the user
community developed a Lisp Machine emulator that runs under x86-64 Linux.

"The people that matter" sort-of "look the other way" if you're just
a hobbyist playing around, but "commercial" use of OG under the emu
without a proper license is discouraged.

To support Dave Schmidt and what's left of Symbolics, I bought a keyboard
about six months ago, and am building a USB adapter box.


I've also got a MacIvory board set, but haven't had time in the past 
six months to get the Mac that it depends on up and running...

> Also, which Tru64 does it depend on? -- I too have a PWS433au.

I have a 164LX system here as well that I was going to run it on, but never
found the time to get it up and running, and then I just ran it on the


Bill Bradford 
Houston, Texas

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