[rescue] More items for sale

Richard Zawaski zski128 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 24 11:55:54 CDT 2011

Ditto that on the Sparc Station 20.

Steve Hatle <shatle at nfldinet.com>
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Subject: Re: [rescue] More items for sale
On 7/24/11 9:33 AM, "Mauricio Tavares"  wrote:

> Here is yet another list of
items I want to pass on to others:
> Asking price : $1 each

> o SGI
Octane. Might have a HD or not. But I would not trust it to have
> OS. I can
connect to it through serial port.
> o Mac Cube. Has 10.4 in it.
Well, if you would reconsider on shipping, I'd like these two items. If
is going to pick up some of this stuff and would be a 'shipping
agent', let me

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