[rescue] More items for sale

Mauricio Tavares raubvogel at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 09:33:55 CDT 2011

	Here is yet another list of items I want to pass on to others:

Asking price : $1 each

o Sun Sparc 20 with memory, ross cpu, 4 port serial card, scsi+ethernet 
car (happy meal), and two drive cages. Original HD died on my, so it was 

o SGI Octane. Might have a HD or not. But I would not trust it to have 
OS. I can connect to it through serial port.

o DEC Personal Workstation 433a. Has HDs, SCI cards, and a few other 
things. I did get tru64 but never installed in it.

o Sun Ultra 30.

o IBM RS6000/F40. Has AIX 5.1 on it.

o Sony NEWs 3710. The risc one. HD has netbsd though.

o Mac Cube. Has 10.4 in it.

o TRS80 Model IV. I have never fired them (I have at least 2). So all 
bets are off.

o TI 99/4A. Same issue as the TRS 80.

I might also have an apple IIIe, an Atari 1024st, and a CoCo3. I know I 
have a MSX computer but might keep it. And some peripherals/cards for an 
Atari 800XL, CoCo3, Sun, and so on. When I get through them I will let 
you know.

SHIPPING: because of concerns I might be scamming people on shipping, I 
will not ship any of them. I will not drive them anywhere out of 
Gainesville, FL. This is non-negotiable.

This ad is good until the end of August. At that point I will start 
throwing those machines in the dumpster at my discretion.

If any of you think I am being too greedy and asking too much for each 
item, let me know.

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