[rescue] Looking for Ultrix 4 for DECstation

Andrew Jones andrew at jones.ec
Fri Jul 22 16:58:10 CDT 2011

On 07/22/2011 05:29 PM, J. Alexander Jacocks wrote:
> As a follow-up to this discussion, I'd really like to find a
> DECstation 5000/200, or newer.  I'd _really_ like a 5000/240 or 260.
> Anyone here have, or know of, one that they'd be willing to part with?

I have a 5000/240 and a few peripheral cards that I'd like to dispose 
of, but the shipping from Indianapolis to Wisconsin would be killer. 
The 5000 is, in terms of linear inches, huge.  It's a pizzabox, but it 
is perhaps twice the size of a SS20.

I wouldn't get rid of it, but I'm moving to Long Island week after next. 
It's time to winnow the collection. So here are some items available for 
local pickup in 42680:

- DECstation 5000/240
Worked when last powered on.  Booted OSF/1 and Debian.

Unfortunately, the only disks I have for it are external HP units, which 
weigh >100 lbs.  They're quiet, and clearly intended for desktop use. 
They're just engineered The HP Way. Those are simply un-shippable.  (I 
would prefer they went with the 5000, since it has a weird SCSI 
connector, and I somehow found the right cable to join the two.)

PMAG-B, working pull. (I never had a monitor to test it.)

Some kind of third-party SCSI card, new in box.  Never tested.  A fellow 
just threw it in with the 5000/240 when I bought it for a couple of 
dollars, and I could never bear to recycle it.

- DECstation 2100
Forgotten configuration.  Probably works.  Unique for being the slowest 
system I know of that runs Debian -- 12 MHz R2000.  (Doesn't even have 
hardware multiply!)

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