[rescue] Disksuite 4.2.1 help

Jonathan Sturges jonathansturges at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 19 19:54:24 CDT 2011

Actually, you want to set in /etc/system is:
set md_mirror:md_resync_bufsz =

(Default is 128k).
That will really speed up a re-sync, though might be
a tad large for a 150.  But still, starting at 512 or 1024 should show
tangible improvement.

Good luck,

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>" From: "Carl R. Friend"
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>" []
>" (resyncing one of the 36 Giggers takes
about 16 hours).
>if you haven't already, setting maxphys in /etc/system and
>in your fs to maximum will cut your resync time about in half. 
>max on both is 1M.
>i stumbled on this, so i'm guessing a little on
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