[rescue] Disksuite 4.2.1 help

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Tue Jul 19 16:32:31 CDT 2011

Assuming you haven't already done so, I thing the reboot suggestion a
previous commenter made was a good one.

Long term, If you aren't happy where you are at now, have you considered
moving to Solaris 10/ZFS, or one of the Solaris clones?


On 07/19/11 15:27, Carl R. Friend wrote:
>    Greetings Rescuers,
>    Here's one that is rescue-worthy, and still toilling along faith-
> fully after all these years -- a Sun Netra NFS (a rebadged Enterprise
> 150).  This box has seen a boatload of upgrades since beginning her
> association with me in the mid 1990s and two jobs ago, including more
> memory, replacing most of the 4-Gig disks with 36es, and jumping from
> Solaris 2.5.1 with the Netra NFS custom bits to the latest Solaris 8
> that there was to be had.
>    What's biting me in the backside now is an array problem.  Drives
> die every so often (I need to go in and re-crimp all the connectors
> on the SCSI chain), so I need to have a hot-spare at all times.  The
> thing kicked out again a while ago, allocated the hot-spare, recalced
> the RAID, then ran silently for about three weeks before another drive
> ran out of bad-block reallocation sectors and put the array back into
> a Maintenance state.
>    Here's the configuration:  The OS disk is a 4 Gigger st c0t0d0
> with a mirror in the lower bay (c1t15d0); there used to be a hot-
> spare for that set in c1t14d0 but that was removed and the hot-spare
> pool destroyed.  The main array runs between c1t2d0 to c1t12d0 with
> a hot-spare in c1t13d0.  I now want to add another 36 Gig drive in
> c1t14d0 and when I try to add it to the hor-spare pool get this:
> bash-2.03# metahs -a hsp001 c1t14d0s0
> metahs: arachne: c1t14d0s0: overlaps with device in d127
> In this case, d127 is the main RAID in which there are several soft
> partitions that contain filesystems:
> bash-2.03# metastat d127
> d127: RAID
>     State: Okay
>     Hot spare pool: hsp001
>     Interlace: 32 blocks
>     Size: 536888871 blocks
> Original device:
>     Size: 536889088 blocks
>         Device      Start Block  Dbase State        Hot Spare
>         c1t2d0s0         330     No    Okay
>         c1t3d0s0         330     No    Okay
>         c1t4d0s0         330     No    Okay
>         c1t5d0s0         330     No    Okay
>         c1t8d0s0         330     No    Okay
>         c1t9d0s0         330     No    Okay
>         c1t10d0s0        330     No    Okay
>         c1t11d0s0        330     No    Okay
>         c1t12d0s0        330     No    Okay
> bash-2.03# metastat hsp001
> hsp001: 1 hot spare
>         c1t13d0s0       Available       67111470 blocks
>    There must be some remnant memory of something that's causing the
> error, and I can't for life nor Google find anything about it.  If
> need be, I can back the array up, destroy it -- and the rest of the
> Disksuite configuration -- then recreate from scratch and restore it,
> but I'd really rather not go to that length because it takes about
> 20 hours just to initialise the main RAID set (resyncing one of the
> 36 Giggers takes about 16 hours).
>    Is there any "magic bullet" for this, or am I condemned to spend
> several days' worth of time rebuilding from scratch?
>    Ideas are welcome.  Thanks in advance.  Suggestions to "upgrade to
> Linux" will go to NULL:  ;-)
>    Cheers!
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