[rescue] CF + IDE in Tandy 1000RL?

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu Jul 14 15:08:04 CDT 2011

> Try to stick with older, smaller CF cards, preferably <= 512MB and I expect 
> you'll maximize your chances of the controller on the CF card understanding 
> the protocol version(s) spoken by your controller.

Yea, the old IDE drives I guess have 8 bit data bus, where everything 
after that is 16 bits wide.

So I was thinking that there is some sort of latching that would need to 
be done.

I've used the CF to IDE adaptors a bunch, and have used the ACARD boards 
to put CF -> IDE and IDE -> ACARD then ACARD -> SCSI sampler (ESI/Yamaha).

Disk size isn't a big deal, it's just going to have some Sierra games on 
it (SQ3, KQ2, KQ3, Heros Quest) and maybe Monkey Island and some other 

I think the XT disk is going to die though. Friend beat it on the table to 
get it to spin up, etc.

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